Using Drop Ship Access with eBay

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How Dropship Access – is one of the more new and upcoming drop shipping companies. They continue to impress us with a variety of different wholesale price ranges on many different products.

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Drop Ship Access is a powerful membership-based service that allows registered users to find high quality wholesale goods at rock-bottom prices and resell them through drop shipping. eBay is an extremely popular online auction site that allows for the creation of personalized stores for sellers. Together, Drop Ship Access and eBay can be used to drop ship merchandise and make a profit efficiently. Depending on your membership level with Drop Ship Access, you'll be able to use the site to post items directly to your eBay store automatically.

Drop Ship Access and eBay - eBay Listing Service

Currently, Drop Ship Access is offering an eBay Listing Service that allows you to quickly find an item in the Drop Ship Access product inventory and post it directly to an eBay store. Although you can do this manually by creating your own listing on your eBay store and filling in the product details yourself, the eBay Listing Service will expedite the process by posting product information, including pricing details, shipping policies, and product features and specifications automatically. The finalized post on your eBay store will look professional and save you the time of making the listing yourself. The eBay Listing Service is included in the Advanced and Enterprise Drop Ship Access membership levels, which cost $59.95 and $79.95 per month, respectively.

Drop Ship Access and eBay Tools

Drop Ship Access provides other tools beyond their eBay Listing Service that are designed to make your job as a drop shipper easier. First, Drop Ship Access will provide you with low-stock notifications. If you've listed an item on eBay and Drop Ship Access is currently running out of the item, they'll send you a notification so that you won't accidentally sell an out-of-stock item. In addition, Drop Ship Access will allow you to download all order details, including your customer's address and name, from the eBay sale page to your Drop Ship Access account site. This will save you the time of having to analyze all of your eBay sales and manually enter the shipping data into Drop Ship Access.

Drop Ship Access and eBay Training

Drop Ship Access provides extensive training resources to their members that are designed to give insider knowledge regarding drop shipping on eBay. You can access these articles free of charge in the Drop Ship News section of Drop Ship Access. Click the "eBay" or "eBay Seller" link to view all of the articles related to Drop Ship Access and eBay. You'll find plenty of titles about succeeding with drop shipping on eBay, such as Changes to Shipping Options for eBay Sellers, Making Money with Drop Ship Sales on ebay: What NOT to Do, and eBay Sellers: Tips to Boost Holiday Sales. These articles are essentially informative blog posts that are intended to increase your knowledge of drop shipping on eBay. The Drop Ship Access and eBay articles are geared toward beginning and advanced drop shippers alike, and even the most seasoned drop shipping veterans will probably find some useful tips, such as how to use Search Engine Optimization to your advantage when creating an eBay listing.