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7.00 /10

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Drop Ship Access is one of the largest and most fully-featured drop shipping companies online. The site features product database of over one million items, many of them from name brand manufacturers, and member services such as an eBay listing service and website integration that will improve your drop shipping business. Drop Ship Access also offers a free 7 day trial that will allow you to try out all of their services and educational tools before paying a penny. In addition, Drop Ship Access has a sterling online reputation, and is fully certified with the Better Business Bureau.


  • Free 7 day risk free trial available
  • Customized drop shipping tutorial
  • Access to name brand wholesale products including books, electronics and beauty supplies
  • Product watchlist tracks inventory levels and product prices in real time
  • eBay listing service integrated with product catalog
  • 3 membership plans available, each with different services and prices
  • Accepts all major credit cards for payments
  • Minimum monthly membership fee of $39.95
  • No direct access to product manufacturers
  • Product prices are only disclosed to members

Drop Ship Access Membership Cost

Drop Ship Access provides customers with three different membership plans. They are:

Basic: For $39.95 per month, customers receive access to the entire Drop Ship Access product catalog, premium drop shipping education, and the product watchlist function.

Advanced: For $59.95 per month, Advanced members gain access to all of the features in the Basic membership plan as well as the eBay Listing service, which allows members to quickly make eBay auction listings from Drop Ship Access’ product catalog.

Enterprise: The complete $79.95 per month Enterprise plan contains all of the features in the Advanced package and also allows members to integrate the Drop Ship Access service directly into their own website.

If you've been considering different drop shipping and wholesale companies online, you might be wary of membership fees. The minimum $39.95 membership fee for Drop Ship Access is admittedly steep. However, most members find that they can easily cover the cost of their Drop Ship Access membership by only making a couple of sales per month. If you're willing to put in an appropriate amount of time and advertise your drop shipping business, you'll quickly cover your membership fee and see additional profits within a few days. For example, you could drop ship a single piece of high end electronics from Drop Ship Access and instantly pay off your monthly membership.


Drop Ship Access Product Variety

In total, Drop Ship Access offers a product catalog of over one million products spread among 16 separate categories. Many of the products available through Drop Ship Access come from name brands like Sony, Canon, Panasonic and DKNY. In the DVDs and Movies category alone, you'll find over 65,000 products. If you're interested in selling sporting goods, you'll find over 16,000 products in this category. This is simply a taste of what Drop Ship Access has to offer. Their full product catalog includes the following categories and more:

  • Clothing and Shoes
  • Computers
  • Electronics
  • Home and Garden
  • Jewelry
  • Music
  • Health and Beauty
  • Cell Phones and PDAs

Drop Ship Access Product Prices

Unfortunately, Drop Ship Access only discloses their pricing details to members. However, you can be confident in Drop Ship Access' pricing plan before you even sign up. This is because Drop Ship Access offers a Price Guarantee. If you find a lower price anywhere on an item offered for drop shipping by Drop Ship Access, the site will give you $120 worth of services for free. Despite the fact that Drop Ship Access does not list their prices publicly, they do offer a few examples on their website:

  • Ombre Rose Perfume by Brosseau - $68.66 on Drop Ship Access - $135.00 on eBay - $66.34 Mark Up
  • 4 CD Hi-Fi Audio System with iPod Docking Station - $160.39 on Drop Ship Access - $199.00 on eBay - $38.61 Mark Up

Payment Options for Drop Ship Access Products


Drop Ship Access requires its members to pay immediately for every product order purchased. Members are advised to either have enough initial funds to purchase their desired volume of products or collect payments from customers before drop shipping products at Drop Ship Access. Members will be able to pay for their products and for their monthly membership using the following major credit and debit cards:

  • American Express
  • Discover
  • MasterCard
  • Visa
  • Debit card bank accounts linked through PayPal

Drop Ship Access Site Ease of Use

Drop Ship Access is easy to navigate and intuitive to use for drop shipping beginners and veterans alike. You can search the product inventory according to key words, or use the product categories and subcategories to browse for available items. Once you find an item, you'll be able to see its price and the number of units currently in stock. If you wish to track the availability and price of an item, you can do so through the product watchlist.

Drop Ship Access also provides customized training tools designed to teach new drop shippers and seasoned industry professionals more about the industry. You'll find article titles such as "Set Yourself Up for Success on ebay," "20 Ways to Increase Your Website Traffic," and "Effective Email Marketing Strategies." This database of educational articles, which is available to members and non-members alike, is updated on a continual basis.

Drop Ship Access is especially easy to use for Advanced and Enterprise members, who have access to services such as the eBay listing service and website integration. These tools allow you to pick and choose products from the Drop Ship Access database and list them directly to your eBay store, Amazon store or personal website. The listing will include all of the pertinent info, such as product details, pricing and shipping options.

Drop Ship Access Shipping Options


Drop Ship Access offers different shipping costs depending on the exact product ordered. Shipping costs are always available within the product details. You can receive shipping discounts when you ship similar items to a single address. Drop Ship Access provides free shipment tracking on all domestic orders.

Drop Ship Access offers the following shipping methods:

  • UPS
  • FedEx
  • USPS
  • DHL
  • Drop Ship Access Customer Support and Reputation

    Drop Ship Access is officially accredited by the Better Business Bureau and maintains a BBB rating of A, making it one of the most reputable drop shipping services online. Drop Ship Access maintains a proper reputation partly due to its excellent customer support service. Drop Ship Access’ FAQ section contains answers to the most popular payment, shipping, products, membership and pricing questions. Information not found in the FAQ section can be obtained by using the following contact information:

    Email Addresses:

    • support@dropshipaccess.com
    • orders@dropshipaccess.com
    • investor.relations@dropshipaccess.com

    Corporate Address

    • Suite 524
    • 210 W. Front St
    • Monroe, MI 41861
Membership Details
Membership Cost:
$39.95 / Month
7 Day Free Trial
Dropship Access Drop Ship Company Dropship Access Rating System

7.00 /10

Product Pricing 8
Product Selection 8
Product Ordering 8
Shipping Options 7
Usability 8
Customer Support 7
Resources 6
Wholesale Options 5
eBay Integration 7
Membership Pricing 6