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For people who are new to drop shipping, the terminology can get confusing. Terms such as drop shipping, wholesale, retailer, distributor and supplier are sometimes interchanged, which leads to some vagueness regarding where certain companies stand. One of the top drop shipping companies in the industry is Doba. Because a Google search for Doba can yield all of the aforementioned terms including Doba Wholesale, Doba drop shipping and Doba supplier, it's important to pinpoint exactly what Doba does and how it relates to wholesale.

Is Doba a Wholesaler?

A wholesaler is generally defined as an organization that buys large quantities of products directly from a manufacturer. The wholesaler then sells these products, often in large quantities, to retailers at a marked up price. The retailer then sells the products individually for a price that is even higher. People who are looking to get the lowest price for an item will often try to get it at a wholesale price, skipping the retail step. This is where drop shippers come in. Drop shipping services can work with wholesalers or manufacturers to provide a product at a wholesale price and then have it shipped to directly to the customer.

In this sense, Doba is technically not a wholesaler. Doba's service simply involves technology that allows drop shipping operations of any size to have access to an enormous product catalog. Doba has connections and relationships in the wholesaling industry that allow them to offer many products from various popular brands. It consolidates these products into one catalog, making the drop shipping process very simple. It also gives small Internet retailers access to brand names that they often would not be able to get. Doba will sell items to clients and arrange to have the items shipped directly their clients' customers.

Another factor that proves Doba is not a wholesale company relates to the fact that they do not warehouse any items. Most wholesalers and drop shippers stock a large inventory of different items. Doba's facilities do not include any product storage. Doba is simply software that can be used by Internet retailers to provide customers with very low prices without having to keep an inventory.

Doba Wholesale Prices

It is often thought that Doba provides wholesale prices on the items in their catalog. This is not necessarily true. While the product prices are very low, it would be better to describe them as near-wholesale. Because Doba does not wholesale any items, they need to mark up the cost slightly in order to make a profit. Doba does not ever claim to be a wholesaler, so people who are expecting to get the lowest wholesale prices possible have simply not done their research on Doba. However, Doba does guarantee that their prices are the lowest among similar services.