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Doba is a company that simplifies the drop shipping process and provides thousand of products for Internet retailers to sell. Even though Doba makes things as easy as possible, beginning drop shippers will still have a lot to learn about the various facets of drop shipping. There are many resources available for Doba training. Doba has a huge education section that allows members (and non-members in some cases) to learn how to use Doba as well as how to be successful in the world of drop shipping.

Drop Shipping Multimedia Tutorials

People who are new to Doba must learn how to use the service itself. Luckily, Doba provides many video tutorials that make it simple to learn all about Doba's many features and services. You can access these multimedia tutorials by clicking on the Help Center link at the top right of your Doba dashboard. You can then click on Multimedia Tutorials. If it is your first time using Doba, it would be a good idea to watch the video called Orientation. This tutorial provides an overview of how to use Doba as well as an explanation of some of its features.

Other Doba training tutorials provide information about specific Doba features. For example, there is a multimedia tutorial that explains how to use the Push to Marketplace feature, which is a tool that allows you to publish an eBay listing for a Doba product directly from your Doba account. A similar process known as My Deals is also explained in its own video tutorial. Other multimedia lessons include information about the:

  • Data Export tool
  • Watch List tool
  • Saved Searches tool
  • Product ordering process

Drop Shipping Webinars

Doba training also includes many webinars (web seminars) that can be accessed by clicking on the Education tab at the top of any Doba web page. Doba provides over 40 webinars that were created by experts in online marketing, online retail and eBay. There are five webinars that are great resources for eBay beginners. There are 16 webinars that provide expert information for advanced eBay users.

Another section of Doba training webinars provides information about marketing techniques. Some of these webinars focus on standing out in a marketplace, using Search Engine Optimization, blogging and focusing on holiday-related products. Other webinar categories include market research, business basics, collecting payments and fraud prevention.

Drop Shipping Articles

For the purposes of Doba training, users can access a wealth of written materials. Doba members receive a monthly Elite Sellers Report that focuses on the best-selling products for each month. Doba also features a Newsletter Archive that stores every Doba monthly newsletter that has been published since October 2003. These articles can be freely accessed, even by non-members. Other free articles at the Doba web site include:

  • What is a Drop Shipper?
  • What Sellers Should Know About Intellectual Property
  • 3 Drop Shipping Best Practices

Doba Blog

Doba has an ongoing blog that features near-daily entries from successful and knowledgeable Doba staff members as well as other professionals in the field. This blog provides a constant exchange of important ideas and information that can be helpful for Internet retailers of any size. Topics often include eBay techniques, marketing advice, success stories, finding a niche, marketplace research and catalog use.