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Different drop shipping companies provide different services for their users. Doba provides a multitude of excellent drop ship tools for Internet retailers of any size. Doba drop ship tools include Watch Lists, Push to Marketplace, Data Export and research tools among others.

Watch Lists

Keeping track of what's happening in the huge Doba catalog can be daunting. Luckily, Doba offers a Watch List tool that can track the products you want to sell. To use this feature, go to your Doba account and click the Catalog link. Search for an item that you're interested in selling and click View Details in the listing. Hover your mouse over Add to Watch List and choose the list that you'd like to add the product to. You can then go to your Watch Lists for quick access to all the information about the products you want to sell. You can also edit product information in your Watch Lists in order to easily publish a listing using the Push to Marketplace tool.

Push to Marketplace

Doba provides two tools that can be used to automatically advertise your products at certain web sites. The Push to Marketplace tool is a great timesaving process will help you to automatically create an eBay listing for a product that is in the Doba catalog. If you have linked your eBay account with your Doba account, you can simply find a product in the Doba catalog and click Push to Marketplace. Doba will then present you with a form that includes the product information, description and image. After you've edited and approved this form, the Push to Marketplace tool will use it to a listing for the product in your eBay account. This tool can be used with eBay stores and Pro Stores as well.

Another Doba drop ship tool that is part of Push to Marketplace is called My Deals. This tool allows the user to create a storefront directly in their Facebook account. It works with both personal and fan Facebook pages. My Deals works in conjunction with Doba's Watch List tool to advertise the products you sell through your Facebook account. Simply access a Watch List and use the Push to Marketplace tool to access My Deals. This Doba drop ship tool must be activated by going to the Push to Marketplace settings, finding the Facebook logo and clicking Setup.

Doba Drop Ship Research Tools

Doba drop ship tools include some processes for researching current retail trends. The monthly Elite Seller Report informs Doba users about the highest-selling products in the Doba catalog. Also, Doba users have access to a limited version of Terapeak, which is a leading source for eBay research and education.

Data Export

Data Export is a Doba drop ship tool that makes the process of listing many products in various shopping carts easier. This tool allows you to export hundreds of product listings from the Doba catalog into an Excel spreadsheet. From the spreadsheet, the listings can be easily edited and uploaded into any shopping cart technology. Keep in mind that Doba does not make any guarantees about the accuracy of the information that is transferred using the Data Export tool. While Doba keeps their catalog as up-to-date as possible, some outdated information may be exported due to the fact that Doba's product information entirely relies on the information provided to them by different suppliers.