Is Doba a Scam?

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In the world of drop shipping, it's important to make sure that you're not being scammed. There are some drop shipping and Internet retail operations that cannot necessarily be considered reputable. Without proper research, drop shippers can end up losing a lot of money or losing their business entirely. In Doba's case, there have been some claims that it is a scam. However, many people who think that Doba is a scam are simply misinformed.

Doba is Misinterpreted

People who review Doba as a scam are most often expecting Doba to be something other than what it actually is. Doba is not a wholesaler, nor does it ever claim to be one. Doba is a software platform that combines the product catalogs of several different wholesalers and suppliers into one large product database. Doba's connections and relationships in the industry allow it to offer a huge catalog of name brand products. This allows small Internet retailers to gain access to many products that would usually not be available to them. Doba allows small drop shipping operations to compete with huge companies. However, keep in mind that Doba does not manufacture or warehouse any items at all. People who claim Doba is a scam often do not understand this, and they will expect Doba to provide services that would require it to actually stock items.

Some Doba users have complained that an item will be out of stock after they have collected payment from a customer. This does happen, but it does not mean that Doba is a scam. It simply means that the user is inexperienced in the world of drop shipping. Some drop shipping companies, including Doba, will allow you to sell a product from their catalog before you pay for it. After you've completed a sale with a customer, you might go back to the catalog to find that the product is out of stock. This can happen with any company that operates this way. Experienced drop shippers will be prepared for this situation and will not insist that they are being scammed.

Doba scam perpetuators are also usually misinformed. When signing up for anything on the Internet, it is important to read the fine print. Our exclusive 7-day free Doba trial grants users access to all the services Doba has to offer. In the terms of service, Doba clearly states that if you have not cancelled your membership prior the end of your free trial, they will charge $59.95 to your credit card under the assumption that you would like to continue as a member. People who read the terms of service will know to cancel their membership within the first 7 days if they decide not to use Doba - others might end up thinking that Doba is a scam.

Doba is eBay Certified

Doba is one of only 25 companies that are listed by eBay as certified service providers. These are companies that eBay has deemed to be reputable third-party eBay solutions. In order to get on this list, a company must pass a series of rigorous tests. It must also meet many stringent requirements that will prove its usefulness and credibility to eBay users. Because it has passed this certification process, it is clear that Doba is not a scam.