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One of the most important factors for running a successful drop shipping operation involves the range of products that you have available to sell. You need to be able to provide any product that is in high demand or that satisfies a potential niche market that you are trying to get into. Doba is a huge drop shipping company that is likely to provide most of the products you are looking for. Doba products are all listed in one convenient catalog that is easy to navigate and is informative.

Doba Products Catalog

The product catalog at Doba is extensive. Over 1.5 million products are available for drop shipping. The catalog is organized into nine different categories. They are:

  • Apparel, shoes and jewelry
  • Books
  • Electronics and computer accessories
  • Automotive, tool and industrial
  • Health and beauty
  • Kids, baby and toy
  • Games, movies and music
  • Outdoor and sports
  • Home, garden and living

Brands of Doba Products

Within each product category, Doba provides thousands of products from some of the most popular brands. For example, in the Electronics section, some of the available brands include Dell, Samsung, Kodak, Sony and Xerox. Specific items available include digital cameras, MP3 players, GPS systems, HD televisions, home theatre systems and various computer accessories. In the Apparel section, some of the brands provided include Timex, Detail, Casio, Britney and Bulova. Doba products in this category include shoes, handbags, watches, sunglasses, jewelry and clothing.

The Health and Beauty category contains brands including Liz Claiborne, Ralph Lauren, Conair and Calvin Klein. Doba products in this section include perfumes, colognes, shavers, massagers, skin creams and hair products. In the Outdoor category, Doba provides brands such as Garmin, Weber, Pro-Tec, TaylorMade and Kershaw. Specific products include backpacks, tents, fishing rods, billiard kits, guns and helmets. Because video games are always big sellers, Doba also provides products from XBox, Nintendo and Sony brands.

Products like books and music are not necessarily brand-oriented. Doba simply provides the most popular individual products. They constantly update their catalog to provide the most popular releases from the most well-known artists or the best-selling authors.

Doba Products Pricing

Doba constantly tries to keep drop shipping simple. Because of this, they provide suggested retail prices within their catalog. Doba products are listed with a wholesale price and a suggested retail price that has been researched and determined to be fair. For example, Doba lists a Dirt Magic Wet/Dry auto vacuum at a wholesale price of $5.41. They then provide you with a suggested retail price of $26.95. This would give you $21.54 in profit and a profit margin of 80%. Of course, you will have to do your own research and use your own drop shipping knowledge to determine the exact retail price that you want to use, but Doba's catalog gives you an excellent starting point.

The original prices at which Doba products are available are competitive. They are not the lowest prices in the industry, but they are comparable to many other drop shipping companies and even to some wholesalers.

Doba Products Location

It is important to note that Doba does not warehouse any of their products. Doba simply has connections with some of the largest wholesalers and suppliers in the industry. The fact that Doba can provide so many quality products from so many different suppliers without keeping any items in stock is proof of their excellent reputation in the drop shipping industry.