How Drop Shipping with Doba Works

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Doba is a drop shipping company that you can use to buy products at near-wholesale prices and then sell them for a profit. The process of how Doba works is simple, but it must be understood correctly before attempting it.

How Doba Works - Inventory

Many drop shipping suppliers and wholesalers keep a large inventory of items on hand. Internet retailers then work to sell the products to consumers. Drop shippers will package and ship the product directly to the customer. In this sense, it is arguable whether or not Doba should be referred to as a drop shipper. Doba works a little differently than most drop shippers in that it does not warehouse any items. Doba is simply a company that provides software, which links many different suppliers and wholesalers together into one large product catalog. Doba's connections and relationships in the industry allow them to conglomerate products from many different sources into one web site.

The manufacturers and wholesalers from which Doba provides products will usually not do business with small or home-based companies. This is why Doba works well for small Internet retailers. By using Doba, home-based sellers will find near-wholesale prices on products that would normally be unavailable to them.

How Doba Works - Process

The first step when using Doba is to create an account. As with most drop shipping companies, there are membership fees involved. Luckily, an exclusive 7-day free trial period is available in which you can use all of Doba's services for free. This is a great way to get a first-hand look at how Doba works. Simply visit the Doba website and enter some personal information. You will need a credit card number for the free trial.

Once you have an account, drop shipping with Doba is an easy process. The first step is to search for a product that you would like to sell. A good drop shipper will do some research to figure out what products are in high demand and are under-serviced. You may also simply want to try selling products that you are very knowledgeable about. If your product descriptions convey that you know a lot about your product, customers are more likely to buy from you. Either way, finding a product at Doba is easy. All of their products are listed in one catalog that can be easily searched or browsed. Once you've found the product you want, the catalog will list the product's cost, suggested retail price and estimated profit margin.

The next step is to sell the product. This is not done through Doba. Rather, Internet retailers must find a place to post their products. Many drop shippers use eBay, Amazon or a similar marketplace web site to create a listing that will attract buyers. Many drop shippers also have their own web sites where they post their products for sale. If you would like, Doba does provide a Push to Marketplace feature that will automatically create an eBay listing for a product you've chosen from their catalog.

Next, you must collect payment for a sold product. If you're using eBay or Amazon, the easiest way to do this is to have an e-wallet account such as PayPal that is linked to your marketplace account. The buyer can then quickly and instantly send you money. Other methods include having the buyer provide you with their credit card information or send you a check.

Process the sale with Doba and order the product after you've been paid. You will need to provide Doba with some of your customer's information. The difference between the amount that your customer paid and the amount that you paid for the product is your profit. After you order the product, Doba will arrange to have it shipped directly to your customer.