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How Doba – Leading Dropship Company and reputable, offering millions of low cost, wholesale products. Take advantage of the exclusive offer of 7 days free.

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It can be difficult to choose a drop shipping company that fits with your needs and preferences. Luckily, some companies offer a free trial period where you can try things out and see if the service is right for you. Our exclusive Doba free trial is a 7-day period that provides access to the entirety of Doba's services. Getting the free trial and drop shipping with Doba are both easy processes.

Getting the Doba Free Trial

Obtaining your Doba free trial is simple. First, visit the Doba web site and click on the Try Doba Now For Free button. You will have to provide Doba with an email address and a password. The email address that you use will be considered your Doba username. Once you have created a successful password, click Next. This will take you to a form where you must provide your name, country, address, city, state, zip code and phone number. Doba's security policy ensures that your name, address or phone number will never be given to third party interests. After you've filled out this information, click Next. You will now be required to provide your credit card's number, expiration date and security code. Doba needs this information in order to create your account and to verify your information. Doba uses Thawte encryption software that will keep your credit card information secure. You will also need to agree to the Terms of Service. Read the Terms of Service and check the box that says I Agree. To finalize the process, click Start Membership.

If you decide not to use Doba, you must cancel your membership during your Doba free trial. If you have not cancelled your membership prior to the end of your free trial, Doba will assume that you want to continue as a member and they will charge $59.95 to your account. $59.95 is the monthly rate for Doba's advanced package. Also, only one Doba free trial can be used per customer. Any retail company is also only allowed one free trial, regardless of how many agents or employees the company has.

Using the Doba Free Trial

A Doba free trial will give you access to everything that Doba has to offer. Some drop shipping companies will only offer limited resources to people who are using a free trial. Doba free trial users, however, are granted as much access to Doba's features as any paying member. Doba free trial users can browse the huge catalog of name brand products, use the Push to Marketplace feature, access the educational resources and contact customer support.

During your Doba free trial, the drop shipping process is exactly the same as it would be for any paying member. Simply find a product in the Doba catalog that you would like to sell. Then, list that product at your preferred marketplace or web site. Sell the product and collect payment from the customer. Then, order the product from Doba and process the sale. Doba will arrange to have the product shipped to your customer.