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Doba is a large drop shipping company that has a very good reputation in the industry. Many users post their thoughts about the company in various places. Most of the Doba feedback is positive, but there are occasional drawbacks that have been expressed.

Positive Doba Feedback

One of the main advantages of Doba that many users talk about is its ease of use. The product catalog is large, very well-organized and easy to navigate. With a simple search, users can find the products they are looking for as well as prices, suggested retail prices and estimated profit margins. Unlike some other drop shipping companies, Doba's marketplace is consolidated into one convenient catalog. Doba users do not necessarily have to maintain accounts and connections with several different suppliers. A user simply finds a Doba product in the catalog, sells it, collects payment and orders it. Doba takes care of everything else.

Another well-reviewed aspect of Doba's services involve their connections with eBay. Currently, Doba is one of only 25 eBay certified service providers. This means that Doba has passed rigorous testing and has met strict requirements in order to be approved by eBay as a great third-party solution. Doba also provides a great eBay feature called Push to Marketplace. This feature allows you to link your Doba account to your eBay account. Then, once you've selected a product from the Doba catalog, you can select Push to Marketplace. Doba will create an editable product listing for your eBay account. Once you've approved the form, Doba will publish the listing directly to your account. This saves Doba users a lot of time.

The educational materials provided at Doba are another positive factor that Doba users rave about. Doba staff members will often post blogs about how to succeed in the world of drop shipping. Many of these blogs specifically focus on eBay. Doba also provides many general resource materials and training for people who are new to e-commerce.

Drop shipping beginners often give positive Doba feedback regarding the free trial. New Doba users can receive an exclusive 7-day free trial that is highly regarded as a good way to get started in the drop shipping world without having to pay a lot of money.

Negative Doba Feedback

Most of the negative Doba feedback concerns membership fees. These fees, $49.95 a month for the basic package, are higher than the fees for membership at most drop shipping companies. However, many users will argue that Doba's features, catalog, ease of use and resource materials make it worth the price.

Doba provides estimated profit margins that many users have found to be higher than is realistic. This is because, while Doba does provide some of the lowest prices in the industry, they cannot possibly provide lower prices than some wholesalers due to their business model. Users will have to do their own research in order to estimate a true profit margin from certain products.

Some negative Doba feedback includes instances where users will sell a product to a customer only to find that it is out of stock. Because of the way Doba operates, it is possible to list products that you have not actually purchased yet. If a customer buys one of these products, you may find that, when you go to actually purchase it from Doba, the item may be out of stock. It should be noted however, that this problem is not exclusive to Doba. Many drop shippers can end up in these situations regardless of the drop shipping company they use. Also, this problem can be avoided by purchasing items before you list them, even though it is a greater financial risk.