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eBay is one of the largest marketplaces on the Internet. Both experienced and beginning drop shippers use eBay to sell their products. eBay's feedback system is especially helpful for beginners, as it allows drop shippers to form solid reputations through the use of an extensive feedback system. Many drop shippers will use eBay in addition to their own websites, simply because eBay sees an enormous amount of customer traffic on a daily basis. Doba has many reputable and useful connections with eBay.

Doba is eBay Certified

Doba was one of the first companies to be recognized as an eBay certified service provider. eBay began certifying certain third-party websites in order to provide their users with a method of knowing which sites are reputable. In order to become an eBay certified service provider, an organization must be meticulously screened by eBay. The organization must pass very strict tests and must meet very specific criteria. For example, 50% or more of the provider's staff must be eBay certified consultants. Also, a certified provider must present their business overview to eBay and must have a stellar customer experience record. Currently, Doba is one of only 25 companies that have been awarded this distinction. It has held this position since 2004.

Doba's Push to Marketplace Feature

Doba provides its users with a feature called Push to Marketplace. This option allows users to select a product from the Doba catalog and create an eBay listing for that product in a matter of seconds. In order to use this, you must first have a Doba account and an eBay account. If the two accounts are linked, you can select a product from the Doba catalog and choose Push to Marketplace. The tool will then take the product information and enter it into a form. It will provide you with a title, a description and an image, all of which you can edit. Once you've approved the form, it will automatically be published as a listing on your eBay account. This can save you a lot of time. This tool is an eBay certified application, and it is also compatible with eBay Stores and ProStores.

Other eBay Connections

Doba offers several resources that will help you gain success in your eBay drop shipping operations. They maintain a blog in which their staff members post tips for eBay sellers. Current blog articles include Where to Sell: eBay, 10 Tips to Getting Started as an eBay Seller, Writing Product Descriptions That Sell and Pumping Up Sales with Product Photos. Also, the Elite Seller Report is a monthly statement that allows Doba members to see what products have been profitable in the past month. This publication also provides tips and advice from successful Doba members.

A basic membership and an advanced membership are both available at Doba. With the advanced membership, you can receive additional eBay and e-commerce training. The fee for the advanced membership is slightly higher, but it should pay off when you consider the extra insider information that you will be getting.

Doba has had representatives present an exhibit at eBay Live every year from 2004-2006. The founder of Doba, Jeremy Hanks, has been a presenter for eBay's product sourcing seminar.