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9.15 /10

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Created in February, 2002, Doba is a drop shipping company that is dedicated to convenience, efficiency and timeliness. These are incredibly important factors for entrepreneurial selling, particularly on eBay. With Doba, you can begin the well-known retail business process of “drop shipping.” Drop shipping is a method that simplifies the process of purchasing a product, selling a product and delivering a product. A seller only needs to attain customer standing and make orders. The actual manufacturer or warehouse will handle the delivery. This eliminates any possible middleman or second channel. Again, drop shipping stresses "convenience" and "efficiency."

Doba, a popular sourcing company that provides easy drop shipping, assists sellers by making the process even more convenient and efficient. With an easy-to-use web site and simple bits of information, Doba makes drop shipping simple — just as their slogan says, “Product Sourcing. Simplified.”

  • Above Average product pricing.
  • Product Selection is large.
  • Wholesale Options.
  • 7-Day FREE Trial.
  • Very good Reputation.
  • Excellent eBay Integration.
  • Phone Support.
  • Membership Prices are rather high.

Product Pricing

Doba features competitive pricing. Many items are available in bulk prices, which are heavily competitive with other stores and even wholesalers. They do not have the best prices in the industry, but the reputation of the company combined with the services they provide outweighs any extra amount of money that you might pay for products.


Product Selection

Doba offers millions of products to choose from. With their free trial, you will have the opportunity to check out anything and everything they have to offer. Some of the products you will find there include:

  • Apparel and Fashion
  • Automotive and Tool
  • Beauty and Health
  • Bed and Bath
  • Books, Music and Movies
  • Computer and Laptop

These are just a few of the types of products you'll find at Doba. There are many more categories of products available.

Product Ordering (Payment Options)

Coinciding closely with eBay, Doba establishes itself as a top competitor in the drop shipping business. Doba offers PayPal, which again emphasizes convenience and efficiency. They also offer many other payment options. The ordering process is very simple and extremely reliable.

Shipping Options

Efficiency and convenience are Doba staples when it comes to shipping. Doba's shipping options are always reliable and safe. Obviously, this is very important due to the fact that Doba is a drop shipping company.


Acquiring a membership is easy. The information and prices for membership are presented right at the site. You can then fill out the appropriate criteria and become a member in a matter of seconds. Doba will then provide features and resources such as eBay and eCommerce training, custom product export features, a Push to Marketplace Tool and access to over 1,200,000 products. Doba also provides a searchable product catalog as well as searchable listings, order interfaces and product tracking.

One of the main reasons to use Doba is that, as a member, you don’t need to find any suppliers yourself. Doba finds them for you and consolidates all of their products into one convenient, searchable catalog. Also, five new wholesale suppliers or manufacturers are added every week. There are a plethora of options when it comes to Doba, and their usability is as good as it gets.

As a measure of good faith, Doba provides a 3-minute tour that will better educate you on how to use the site and its services. Once you've seen how the site works, you should sign up for a (LIMITED TIME ONLY) 7-day free trial offer. There is absolutely zero risk with this company. Give it a try and review it for yourself.

Service Customer Support

Doba offers convenient phone and email support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Enough said.


Fortunately for Doba, their undisputed reliability keeps them at the top of the ladder as far as drop shipping is concerned. Within the entrepreneurial online selling business, Doba is known for professionalism and integrity. Doba’s staff members are recognized as "product sourcing experts." They have been featured in trade shows for Online Market World, eBay Live, PESA and the Inc. 500 Conference.

Doba has also been all over the news. They've been ranked for the past two years in the Inc. 500. Doba is a recognized member of the Better Business Bureau and is an eBay Certified Service Provider. Also, their co-founders have authored Drop Shipping for Dummies, an edition of the “Dummies” series of books. Doba's experience and reputation is there to help you, the seller, allowing you to use that expertise to serve the customer.


Wholesale Options

Many of Doba's items are offered at a bulk price, which competes directly with wholesalers. Doba is not technically a wholesaler, meaning that their prices will often be just slightly higher than wholesale while still being very competitive. This is a very important aspect because you should always be able to scale out your drop shipping business. At some point, you want to be able to move up to bulk wholesale in order to make even more profit.

Membership Details

Doba offers two different drop ship packages. They offer the Start Up package at $49.95/Month and the Advanced Package at $59.95/month. The advanced membership offers custom product exports and advanced eBay and eCommerce Training. Besides this training, there are not many differences between the two packages. While these membership prices seem high, anybody who has used Doba will agree that it is well worth the price.


Doba provides an entrepreneurial feel and an ease of use for any online home sales business. Doba offers great advantages to aspiring sellers who are looking to achieve the top-dollar profit that everyone dreams of. Quality customer service and a wealth of training information are Doba touchstones. Among all individual online sourcing companies that deal with drop shipping, Doba makes it the easiest. Product sourcing. Simplified.

Membership Details
Membership Cost:
$49.95 / Month
7 Day Free Trial
Doba Dropship Drop Ship Company Doba Rating System

9.15 /10

Product Pricing 8
Product Selection 10
Product Ordering 10
Shipping Options 9
Usability 9.5
Customer Support 10
Resources 9
Wholesale Options 8
eBay Integration 10
Membership Pricing 8