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China – is reputable and Free, offering only wholesale electronic products. You can join today for no up front cost and find out for yourself.

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China Vasion is a reputable wholesale and drop shipping company based in China. China Vasion provides numerous wholesale training resources for free through their web site, making them an ideal starting point for entrepreneurs who wish to enter the world of wholesaling and drop shipping electronics. In addition to the existing China Vasion training tools, the site offers a continually updated newsletter with cutting edge drop shipping and wholesale tips. China Vasion also updates their site frequently with lists of new products that are likely to be hot sellers on the wholesale market. You can access all of this information completely free of charge, and you can also sign up for a free China Vasion account to take full advantage of the site.

China Vasion Import from China Course

Whether you're a drop shipping novice or a seasoned wholesale veteran, you'll want to start your China Vasion training by downloading and reading Importing from China from the China Vasion web site. This is a free e-book that China Vasion has made available on their site for a limited time. The course covers multiple aspects of importing from China, including the following sections:

  • Why importing from China is a great opportunity
  • How to find real Chinese suppliers and avoid scams
  • How to deal with suppliers in the context of Chinese culture
  • How to best handle shipping costs and customs fees
  • How to create a profitable business plan and begin a successful drop shipping business

China Vasion has already received positive customer and industry reviews for their free Import from China ebook. Even if you consider yourself an expert on the drop shipping wholesale industry, you'll probably find the book to be useful and informative.

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If you'd like to receive training resources from China Vasion on a regular basis, it is advisable to sign up for their newsletter. As with the rest of China Vasion's training tools, the China Vasion newsletter can be had free of charge. The newsletter covers a variety of pertinent and up-to-the-minute drop shipping and wholesale topics, such as drop shipping with China Vasion for European customers, handling lost orders, consolidating orders to reduce shipping costs, and more. If you wish to see older China Vasion newsletters, you'll find a database full of them on China Vasion's homepage. Signing up for the China Vasion newsletter is a simple matter of entering your email address and name on the same homepage. China Vasion doesn't requiure any additional personal information, and you don't have to be a registered China Vasion member to receive the newsletter.

China Vasion eBay Alternatives

If you're an experienced drop shipper, you probably already know the importance and power of selling goods through eBay. However, what many entrepreneurs don't realize is that there are many online auction and retail sites that are similar to eBay. China Vasion maintains a massive list of reputable online retail sites that are comparable to eBay, many of which have a dedicated and highly populated user base. China Vasion explains that many of these sites are beginning to take a portion of eBay's market share, especially when it comes to specialty markets such as electronics. China Vasion updates this list on a regular basis, and is open to suggestions for additional companies to add to the list.