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As a registered member at China Vasion, you'll find many useful China Vasion tools that will help to increase your sales and reduce your overhead costs while drop shipping or reselling wholesale goods. China Vasion makes all of their tools available for free, allowing you to take full advantage of their web site without paying a penny. In addition, China Vasion offers a number of training tools designed to increase your knowledge of the drop shipping and wholesale industry. All of China Vasion's product prices can be viewed instantly, making the site itself a great tool for inspecting and comparing the value of wholesale electronic goods.

China Vasion Specials

One of the most popular China Vasion tools is the China Vasion Specials page. This page can be accessed by clicking the Specials tab near the top of the China Vasion home page. The China Vasion Specials page includes a listing of all the electronics goods that are on sale at China Vasion, as well as the time and day when the sale will end. When you purchase an item through China Vasion Specials, you can expect to receive a discount of between 10% and 17% of the normal wholesale price at China Vasion. Considering that China Vasion already sells wholesale electronics for well below the price of retail, this can add up to an enormous amount of savings. For example, a USB Flash Drive Lighter which normally sells for a retail price of $53.81 is available through China Vasion Specials for only $31.50, or $31.02 each if you purchase more than 100.

China Vasion New Products

If you're interested in maximizing your sales and keeping your finger on the pulse of the electronics drop shipping industry, you'll want to take a look at the China Vasion New Products section. This area can be accessed by clicking the New Products link on the China Vasion home page. Here, you'll find the hottest new electronics goods, many of which are sure to be a hit with online shoppers. For example, China Vasion is currently carrying a new Skype to Phone Adaptor for only $19.85. They also offer a WinDroid Pro Smartphone for $239.20, significantly less than the price of a new smartphone from a traditional cell phone store. The New Products section represents cutting edge technology that is often available exclusively from China Vasion before typical retail outlets receive the products. In order to stay on top of the electronics wholesale industry, it's advisable to frequently check the New Products section at China Vasion for the most recent updates.

China Vasion Newsletter

Another popular China Vasion tool is the China Vasion newsletter. The newsletter represents an extremely useful tool for savvy drop shippers, as it covers current topics that will be important to the success of your business. As a China Vasion newsletter subscriber, you'll receive information about pressing topics such as dealing with international orders, handling customs fees and minimizing shipping and other overhead costs. The China Vasion newsletter is completely free, as with the rest of their China Vasino tools.