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A simple search of the Internet will reveal a small number of individuals who have complained of a China Vasion scam. The reality is that there is no such scam, and that China Vasion is a completely reliable company dedicated to customer satisfaction and product quality. Generally, the people who have complained that China Vasion is a scam are individuals who do not understand how China Vasion works. China Vasion is a Chinese wholesale company, and as such, they do not carry name brand products. However, this doesn't mean that their products aren't of the utmost quality, or that their customer service or shipping policies are subpar. In fact, China Vasion is one of the most reputable and dependable wholesale and drop shipping companies you'll find online.

China Vasion User Testimonials

If you are concerned that China Vasion might be a scam, look no further than their customer testimonials. China Vasion's web site features genuine testimonials from real wholesalers, drop shippers and end consumers who have purchased electronics merchandise from China Vasion. You'll find customers from every part of the world, including the US, UK, Australia, Italy, Brazil, Ireland and more. China Vasion's past and current customers often describe the friendly customer service, extraordinarily fast shipping times, and high quality products that are available at the site. You'll find plenty of positive user testimonials on the Internet outside of China Vasion's site as well. Plenty of online consumer protection agencies and scam-watch blogs and message boards have given China Vasion positive ratings. Although it's important to do some research and be skeptical of any wholesaler, the feedback for China Vasion has been overwhelmingly positive overall.

China Vasion Transparency

Unlike many online wholesale companies, China Vasion has an extremely strong commitment to transparency. You can view all of the contents of their web site free of charge, and it costs absolutely nothing to sign up for a China Vasion membership. It's easy to see the prices for all of China Vasion's products, and China Vasion is also happy to tell you exactly how much each item will cost you depending on the quantity of your order. Once you place an item in your cart, you'll be able to see the exact cost of shipping and the shipping method that will be used, as well as an estimated arrival date. This level of transparency is highly indicative of the fact that China Vasion is not a scam.

China Vasion Policies

China Vasion is happy to lay out all of their policies on their web site, and most of these can be found in their FAQ section. By visiting this area, you'll see that China Vasion offers a 12 month warranty on the vast majority of their products. China Vasion also promises that they will offer a full refund for any goods that do not arrive in perfect condition, or for goods that get lost in the mail. China Vasion is also extremely upfront when explaining that the products they sell are not name brand. Rather, the electronics sold by China Vasion come straight from the factory to their distribution facilities. By placing even a single order with China Vasion, you will see that there is no China Vasion scam.