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One of the most crucial components of any drop shipping or wholesale company is their product line. China Vasion products consist of high quality wholesale electronic goods. Although some drop shippers may be turned off by the fact that China Vasion exclusively sells electronics, the reality is that China Vasion is able to ensure impeccable quality, customer support and competitive pricing by sticking to a single product genre. Electronics are extremely hot sellers when it comes to wholesaling and drop shipping, and China Vasion's entire product line will be very desirable to online shoppers. When you purchase or drop ship an item from China Vasion, you can be sure that the China Vasion product will order on time and in perfect condition.

China Vasion Product Selection

Because of the fact that China Vasion only sells electronics, they've managed to assemble a product lineup that encompasses virtually every gadget and gizmo you could imagine. Whether you're interested in selling digital media players, televisions or cell phones, China Vasion probably sells it. Read below for a listing of just some of the product categories that China Vasion carries.

  • Electronic gadgets
  • Mobile phones
  • Car video
  • Car DVD players
  • GPS navigators
  • Car accessories
  • MP3 and MP4 players
  • Digital cameras and video cameras
  • Home audio
  • Home video
  • Computer accessories
  • Digital photo frames
  • Health and lifestyle electronics
  • Surveillance and security equipment

China Vasion Product Pricing

China Vasion is a true wholesale company. This means, part, that you'll be able to enjoy lower prices when you purchase items in bulk. However, China Vasion is also capable of shipping only one item at a time. Even if you only choose to order a single item, the price of the product will still be below retail price, often times significantly so.

For example, China Vasion is currently selling a 19 inch Touchscreen LCD monitor for $208.12. If you purchase the item in bulk, it can cost as low as $179.97 each. Considering that the item retails for $243.50, it's possible to make a tidy profit from each sale you make through drop shipping. Other popular items, such as MP3 players, can be purchased for as low as $11.52 when you order in bulk.

Navigating China Vasion Products

It's very easy to navigate China Vasion's extensive listings of wholesale electronics. On the left side of the China Vasion homepage you'll see a menu including all of the product categories. Within each of these categories you'll find additional subcategories. Click through this menu to find the types of products you want to drop ship. Alternatively, you can use China Vasion's built-in search function to find the exact product you're looking for. Once you see a listing of products within a category, you can sort the list according to price, average customer review, date added, or best sellers. Sorting the items according to their previous sales is a great way to get an idea of the types of products you should resell through drop shipping.