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China Vasion is a wholesale and drop shipping company that sells exclusively electronic goods at extremely low prices. Many individuals and business purchase products from China Vasion and resell them for a profit through wholesaling and drop shipping. China Vasion has an enormous inventory of high quality electronics, though they do not carry name brand items. Although this might seem like a negative aspect of the company, the reality is that name brand items generally aren't sold wholesale. The fact that China Vasion only stocks and sells top quality generic and OEM products is an indication of their excellent reputation as an inexpensive and reliable wholesale dealer. By exploring China Vasion's services, you can learn more about how China Vasion works.

How China Vasion Works - Membership Details

Many online wholesalers allow you to browse their product inventory for free. However, in order to see pricing details and place an order, you'll need to register for a paid membership. China Vasion is different. You can browse the vast majority of China Vasion's inventory of electronic goods, and see pricing information, without signing up for China Vasion account. If you wish to register for a China Vasion membership, you can do so completely free of charge. This makes China Vasion an ideal site for aspiring electronics resellers who don't want to waste money on a paid membership service that they might not even end up using. After you've started a membership with China Vasion, there is no obligation to purchase anything. However, once you see the amazing prices on many of the products, you'll be tempted to make a purchase.

How China Vasion Works - Pricing

Plenty of online retailers describe themselves as wholesalers despite not offering actual wholesale prices. China Vasion is a true wholesaler, and they reward customers who purchase actual bulk wholesale orders. For example, China Vasion is currently stocking a 5 inch Touchscreen Bluetooth GPS Navigator. The retail price on this item is $109.70. If you purchase a single unit, it will cost you $87.76. From here, the price goes down when you purchase a higher quantity. For example, purchasing three units will cost $83.70 each, while purchasing 50 units will cost $75.88 each. For each product that China Vasion sells, they include a fully detailed product description. This information will be crucial when you're attempting to resell your products online, especially if you don't already have a thorough knowledge of the product you're selling.

How Doba Works - Placing an Order

Once you find an item or items that you'd like to purchase at China Vasion, it's time to place an order. If you've ever done any online shopping in the past, the process will be very familiar to you. Simply enter the quantity of the item that you'd like purchase and click Add to Cart. You'll need to enter a shipping address, and China Vasion will allow you to add a different address if you plan on drop shipping the item. Shipping costs will depend on your order's destination, as well as other factors such as the order's size and weight. You'll enjoy many benefits by ordering from China Vasion. Virtually all items have a one year warranty, and most orders are shipped within one business day. China Vasion provides complete quality control, customer support and worldwide shipping. These benefits are all integral parts of how China Vasion works.