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China – is reputable and Free, offering only wholesale electronic products. You can join today for no up front cost and find out for yourself.

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Many online wholesale and drop shipping companies require a paid membership in order to access some or all of their site, especially their complete product inventory. China Vasion, a reputable Chinese electronics wholesale company, is different. At China Vasion, you can sign up for a free account that will be useable indefinitely. There are no membership fees whatsoever, and you won't be obligated to make even a single purchase before or after signing up. Using every aspect of China Vasion is completely free, and this includes signing up for an account.

Registering for a Free China Vasion Account

Before you work with any wholesale company, it's recommended that you sign up for an account with them. This will put you in the best possible position to receive consistent customer support, and it will let the wholesale company know that you're serious about using their services and ordering their products. If you choose to order products from a wholesaler before signing up for an account, it may be more difficult for the wholesaler to get to know you as a customer. This doesn't necessarily mean that you'll receive inferior customer support, but it certainly doesn't hurt to sign up for a membership immediately. For these reasons, it is advisable to sign up for a free membership with China Vasion.

It's incredibly easy to sign up for a free account with China Vasion. First, direct your web browser to Next, click on the Sign In link located in the upper right corner of the screen. From here, you'll be asked to either sign in using an existing email address and password or register as a reseller. Click the Register Free Now link located towards the bottom of the page. You'll need to fill in some basic information, including your name, email address and desired password. When you're done, click on Create New Account. If you wish, you can provide some additional personal information such as your company name, address, tax ID and telephone number. You can opt to add this information at a later time, or skip this process entirely. China Vasion will not ask for any financial information when you register for a new account. The account can be used indefinitely, free of charge.

Advantages of Signing Up for a Free China Vasion Account

Although you'll be able to access the majority of China Vasion without signing up for a free account, there are some advantages to being a registered user. First, you'll have complete access to 100% of China Vasion's inventory of wholesale electronic goods. In addition, China Vasion will be able to provide you with more streamlined customer support. You'll be recognized on their site as an official user, which will make it easier for China Vasion to contact you with any special offers. Finally, by confirming your address, you won't hav to fill in your shipping information each time you order wholesale products from China Vasion. If you plan on frequently placing orders at the site, this will save you a lot of time and increase your efficiency.