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China Vasion is a popular online wholesale and drop shipping company with a reputation for excellent product quality, reliability and customer service. Before doing business with any online wholesale company, it's important to do some research on the customer feedback they receive. A brief search of the Internet will reveal plenty of positive China Vasion feedback. Although it is possible to have a less than satisfactory experience with China Vasion, the vast majority of users find the site to be highly reputable and reliable.

Positive China Vasion Feedback

Customers from around the globe have been eager to provide positive China Vasion feedback. This positive feedback comes from individual consumers, small online retailers and larger wholesale distributors and drop shippers alike. China Vasion caters to a wide range of online buyers and resellers, and their sales and shipping policies reflect this.

A customer from Australia named Laurie mentions the incredibly fast shipping times that China Vasion provides. Her overseas order took only four days to ship from the time she placed the order. Other online wholesalers could require two business weeks or more to complete a similar order.

Mike, a customer from the United States, wrote to China Vasion to describe his positive experience with the site. He was extremely pleased with the MP4 players he received via a sample order, and explained how they were the best wholesale media players he has ordered. He even went so far as to positively compare the MP4 players to name brand products like the Apple iPod and Creative Zen. Gurmukh, a customer from the UK, echoed these sentiments when he emailed China Vasion to express his satisfaction with the quality of his wholesale items.

Other customers from locations such as Italy, the United Arab Emirates, Ireland and India have experienced faster shipping times than expected as well product quality that is unmatched by the vast majority of the wholesale industry. By and large, China Vasion feedback indicates that the company's customer service, product quality and shipping times meet or exceed the specification laid out on China Vasion's website.

China Vasion Drop Shipping Feedback

Often times, it is more difficult for online retailers to provide feedback to a wholesaler regarding their drop shipping performance. This is because end customers must leave feedback for the drop shipping retailer before the drop shipper can leave feedback for China Vasion. However, many drop shippers have gone through the trouble of relaying their end customers' feedback to China Vasion. Jean from Brazil describes how his dropship addressee received his products quickly and in perfect condition. This is yet another example of the professionalism and attention to detail that is evident in the vast majority of China Vasion feedback.