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China Vasion is an electronics wholesaler with a reputation for selling high quality goods at rock bottom prices. eBay is the largest online auctions site in the world. Many individuals and online business purchase wholesale products from China Vasion and then resell them on eBay for a profit. Although China Vasion does not currently have an official relationship with eBay, many China Vasion users find that an eBay store is the most efficient way to sell wholesale electronics products for a markup. It's easy to start a membership with China Vasion and begin making a profit by selling wholesale goods on eBay.

China Vasion's Relationship with eBay

Despite the fact that China Vasion has not been officially integrated with eBay, the site still provides plenty of useful information for wholesale retailers and drop shippers who plan on using China Vasion and eBay together. In the Knowledge Base area of the China Vasion site, you'll find several handy guides that explore topics important to individuals and businesses selling on eBay. China Vasion also provides a list of eBay alternative, designed to assist online resellers who would rather not deal with such a massive auction site. Regardless of how you choose to resell your products, China Vasion will assist your and provide valuable information for new and experienced online retailers alike.

How to Resell with China Vasion and eBay

It's incredibly easy to use China Vasion and eBay together to sell products. First, you'll need to set up an eBay store. Alternatively, you can just sell products directly from your personal eBay account, though most users find that an actual eBay store helps to improve efficiency and organization. Next, you'll need to decide what products you'd like to sell from China Vasion. One option is to sell products to customers through drop shipping. This is a process, facilitated by China Vasion, in which China Vasion will send products directly to your customers after they place an order. Alternatively, you can purchase wholesale products from China Vasion and keep them in your own inventory while you attempt to resell them.

How to Profit with China Vasion and eBay

After you set up an eBay store, it's time to list some products at the price of your choosing. First, you'll need to do some market research to see how much your products are worth. You'll want to price the products so that they sell quickly while still making a tidy profit for yourself. Most of the product prices at China Vasion are so low that you won't have a problem turning a profit by reselling them. Your end customers will still pay lower than retail price for the goods you can provide, due to the low wholesale prices that you originally paid. If you choose to drop ship your products, you won't have to pay anything for the goods. You'll simply use an eBay store to connect your customers directly to China Vasion.