Sell a Dropship Business

If you're the owner of a dropship business, selling it may eventually become a lucrative option. The reputation of your company plays a crucial role in selling a dropship business, since a prospective buyer will look for a dropshipping company that is viewed in a positive light by consumers. Further, it's a good idea to thoroughly negotiate the price of your dropship business, as well as the terms of sale, before selling it.

Create a Dropship Business Worth Buying

The most important consideration when selling a dropship business is ensuring that your company is worth purchasing for a high price. Some of the factors that contribute to the worth of your company include the following:

  • Reputation - If a quick Google search for your dropship company's name reveals a legion of consumers with complaints about your operation, the value of your company will plummet. Ensure that you're knowledgable about your products, and prioritize customer service. Keep public customer complaints to a minimum by quickly responding to questions from buyers, shipping your goods in a timely fashion and taking corrective action immediately when a customer receives a problematic order.
  • Sales Record - Those considering purchasing your dropship business will want to see that your company actually makes sales on a regular basis. Compile a detailed list of your sales, as well as positive testimonials from satisfied customers. This will prove that your company already has a base of followers that place orders regularly.
  • Profitability - The lengthiest sales record won't mean much to a potential buyer if you're only making a few cents worth of profit from each sale. Of course, small profits can be valid to a buyer if the volume of your sales is high enough to be profitable. By proving that your dropship business makes money, buyers will be more likely to offer a better price.

Negotiate the Terms of Sale

Negotiating your terms of sale, especially the overall price, is a vital component of maximizing your return on investment when selling a dropship business. Never accept the first price offered by a potential buyer. Most buyers will assume that you're planning to negotiate, and start with a lowball offer in order to reduce their own expenses. Don't appear overly eager when negotiating. Instead, give your prospective buyers the impression that a plethora of entities are competing for the purchase of your dropship business. A period of silence can be an effective negotiating tool, especially if the buyer is aggressively sticking to a price lower than you'd like. Unless circumstances necessitate an immediate sale, bide your time and wait for a fair price for your dropship business. Regardless of your negotiation tactics, it's important to maintain a professional demeanor during all bargaining.