How to Pick a Drop Shipping Niche

How to Choose a Drop Shipping Niche

Choosing the proper dropshipping niche or market is the most important step that a new seller faces when deciding to venture into the world of dropshipping products. A good deal of research will likely be required in order to find a niche that is capable of generating profits for your business or website.

So, a little bit of background on what exactly drop shipping is. If you're already familiar with how the drop shipping process works, feel free to skip over the next couple of paragraphs. Dropshipping is a superb business for anyone who does not want to deal with the day-to-day hassle of carrying, storing, packaging and shipping inventory. Basically, dropshipping is when the seller accepts the money from the buyer, but does not have the burden of shipping the product. The product is packaged and shipped directly from the manufacturer. To better understand dropshipping, it is easier to think of the retailer as the middleman between the customer and manufacturer. The way that the retailer makes money is from the difference between the wholesale price that he is paying the manufacturer (or drop shipper) and what he actually sold the item for (retail price).

The point of dropshipping is to make money without doing all of the leg work. Dropshipping benefits small businesses, and website owners. There are sometimes slight delays when it comes to delivering the product to your customers - basically, the time required for you to verify and accept the order, and transfer the buyer's information to the drop shipper.

Finding the Right Niche

Have a look around…

If you're starting a brand new website, and are looking for a niche or an industry that has drop shipping available, one of the best ways to explore is by signing up with a drop shipping directory like Doba (who just so happens to offer a free 14-day trial) or WorldWide Brands. With Doba, for example, you'll have 14 days to explore their list of drop shippers and find one that provides products that you could easily write about, market, and sell.

Start small…

When starting a new business, it is best to think small - start with small, short-term goals. For example, if you decide you want to work in the jewelry industry, don't set your sights on being the top jewelry merchant online from the get-go (good luck with that, btw). Instead, focus your efforts on a smaller niche inside the jewelry industry. Choosing to sell watches or rings (or even more specifically than that - a single brand of watches or type of rings) would be the wisest move. Become an authority on a smaller niche, and use the profits to expand into other watch brands, or other types of rings. As with all businesses, you should be passionate about the market that you choose, this is why it is extremely important to research the product and pick a niche that is familiar and satisfying to you - you're going to be spending a good deal of effort over the coming days, weeks and months in this industry - make sure it is something you've got an interest or a passion in!

As mentioned, research is the best and most important step of starting a drop-ship business. Taking advantage of a 14-day free trial at Doba will help sellers find many different niches that they can successfully sell online. And once you've chosen a niche, Doba offers users comprehensive training (not that you'll need it if you're visiting in how to truly succeed in your new dropshipping business.