Drop Ship Sales

Most available information about drop shipping is about how to find drop ship companies. This is certainly an important aspect, but drop shipping is really a two step process. Being successful in your drop ship sales is vital to drop shipping success.

Building and Optimizing a Drop Ship Sales Website

Unfortunately, making successful drop ship sales involves more than simply posting your products on a website for sale. The best drop ship sales web sites are optimized to attract many thousands of visitors. If your products are useful and reasonably priced, more visits to your website will mean more drop ship sales.

Optimizing your website to attract many thousands of visitors is achieved by creating true value. True value is achieved by distinguishing yourself from other similar websites by doing more than simply selling products. When you design your website, include information about your products that is difficult to find other places. Create true value by going above and beyond the competition when it comes to knowing your products and their uses.

A second method to increase your website's traffic is marketing. It will be hard for customers to know if your site has true value if they don't know it exists in the first place. Consider SEO and Internet Marketing to increase traffic to your website.

Another important website optimization tool is ensuring you convert the traffic you receive from visits to sales. Attracting potential customers only gets you so far. If you can't convert your traffic from visits to sales, you won't have drop ship sales success. You should monitor the percent of traffic that gets converted to sales and constantly try to improve this number. Ways to optimize your conversion percentage include offering multiple payment options, including special promotions, having discounts and providing excellent customer service.

Drop Ship Sales Through eBay and Craigslist

There are other ways besides building websites to achieve drop ship sales success. Selling non-competitive and low cost products that are easy to ship on eBay can also be very lucrative. eBay receives unparalleled traffic, but they force users into their standard website configuration. This makes competitive pricing difficult. Non-competitive and low cost products, such as device accessories, have a large market on eBay and are easy to sell.

Craigslist users can also achieve great drop ship sales. Selling items in bulk on Craigslist is actually quite easy. Simply create an account and list the bulk products you have available to drop ship. The only issue is that most of Craigslist's traffic consists of people trying to find great deals. Thus, if you don't find great deals on wholesale products, you may not be able to offer prices low enough to be attractive.

Drop ship sales are vitally important if you hope to have a successful Internet drop ship business. Increase traffic to your website though introducing true value and marketing. Equally important, you should optimize your website to maximize the percentage of visits you convert to sells. Otherwise, try making drop ship sales on eBay or Craigslist.