Drop Ship Marketing

As a dropshipper, it is absolutely vital to understand the importance of properly marketing your goods in order to increase sales. The process of marketing your goods involves identifying a target audience, building buzz around your products, and strategically placing advertising on your website and other sites.

Identify a Target Audience

Before you begin dropship marketing, it's important to decide exactly who will benefit the most from the products you wish to sell. If you intend to sell healthy and beauty products, such as makeup and skin lotion, it is wise to find an online community devoted to that subject. From here, you can post on message boards and forums to market your dropshipped products. The key is to avoid an overly promotional tone. Simply talk about the products you're selling, explain their purpose, and describe how they fulfill that purpose without draining the consumer's wallet. Drive traffic to your own site by posting links to your online store, preferably to the exact pages that contain the products you're describing.

Take Advantage of Social Media Sites

Social media sites such as Youtube and Facebook provide a perfect opportunity for marketing your dropship products with little to no monetary investment. You can start by creating a Facebook page devoted to your dropshipping store. Invite your friends to become fans of the page, and create a link to your Facebook page on your dropshipping store's homepage. Use your Facebook page to advertise upcoming sales, new product arrivals and product reviews.

Youtube is an ideal forum for posting videos that promote your product. Many individuals will be more trusting of your products if they can see them in action. Create a video of yourself demonstrating your flagship products, and provide some commentary to explain how the products work and why they're high quality. Humorous and clever videos often receive more hits than those that simply serve as a visual fact sheet.

Create Effective Banner Ads

Regardless of how you choose to sell your dropshipped goods, it's vital to create promotional materials that increase awareness of your store and give consumers a reason to visit. Much of your dropship marketing materials will come in the form of banner ads. These ads should have a professional look, include specific information about one or more of your products, and potentially make your audience aware of a sale or discount coupon code. A good example of an effective banner ad might include a product image along with a brief description, the retail price of the item and your sale price. Limited-time offers give your customers a reason to buy now rather than later.