Drop Ship Directories

A drop ship directory is a listing of companies that provide drop shipping services to customers. You sometimes have to pay a fee to view this information. These directories list many drop ship companies and suppliers along with pertinent information including what products they sell as well as their contact information. These directories are useful for people who want to hire a drop ship company but do not want to invest a lot of time researching companies.

Basic Drop Ship Directory Information

A drop ship directory is a detailed list of drop ship companies that has been compiled by an external source. Some drop ship directories will also focus on specific products and the companies that supply those products. These directories are helpful tools for people who want information about drop ship companies and products but have limited research skills. Directories can sometimes be purchased in a print format, but are usually available on the Internet in an online format. Some directories are free to view; however, you may have to pay a fee to view certain directories.

Many drop ship directories provide useful and correct information. However, other directories are scams and do not provide complete or accurate information. There are a couple of things to look for to ensure that a directory is legitimate. A good directory will be selective about the drop ship companies they feature. They should provide you with information on how they authenticate the companies that they list. The best directories will only list suppliers that they meet in person at trade shows and other events to verify their legitimacy.

A legitimate drop ship directory will not charge you a very large fee to view the list. They will sometimes charge you a small fee, but ones that charge you a lot of money or a monthly subscription fee are likely scams. You will also want to look for contact information and good customer service. You should stay away from directories that do not provide easy-to-locate contact information on their web site. Look for a directory that has a customer service telephone line and an active email account so you can ask questions if they arise.

Yahoo! Drop Ship Directory

Yahoo has compiled a directory of sites that features wholesale and drop ship companies and products. The directory is available online and is free of charge. This directory can be viewed by anyone interested in the information. The directory is comprised of 18 different sites. Most of the sites listed are links to other wholesale and drop ship directories. All of the sites listed in this directory are legitimate.

Business.com Drop Ship Directory

The Business.com Dropship Directory has also compiled a list of drop shipping companies and other directories. Most of the listings in the directory are actual drop shipping companies. This directory lists many of the most reputable and popular drop shipping companies. This directory is available online and is free of charge to view. Business.com is easy to navigate and the information listed in the directory is correct.