Dropship Affiliate Programs

Thousands have discovered how profitable it can be to own a drop shipping company, in which you sell wholesale goods to individuals and businesses without maintaining your own inventory. As a dropshipper, you can further increase your profits by becoming a dropship affiliate. A dropship affiliate is an individual or organization tasked with promoting a particular dropship supplier. Dropship suppliers are willing to pay significant rewards to those willing to promote their business.

Potential Benefits for Dropship Affiliates

As a dropship affiliate, you'll receive money in exchange for completing various promotional tasks for a dropship supplier. Typically, this comes down to generating leads which result in individuals signing up for a membership with the supplier. Some of the specific benefits of being a dropship affiliate may include:

  • Subscription Commissions - Dropshipping suppliers will pay you in exchange for referring a person to their site, so long as that person actually pays for a membership. Expect to receive approximately 25% of the membership cost as your commission fee.
  • Sales Commissions - In addition to receiving payment when you convince an individual to sign up for a dropshipping supplier membership, you should expect to receive a commission fee for sales made by the referred dropshipper. Expect this commission fee to be around 10% of each sale price.
  • Quick Payments - The best dropship affiliate programs won't require you to wait for months to receive your commission fees. Look for programs that process affiliate partner payments at least once a month at a regular date and time.

How to Become a Dropship Affiliate

In order to become a dropship affiliate, you'll need to submit some information including your company name, website URL and address to a dropship supplier offering an affiliate program. From here, you won't be required to submit email addresses or names to the dropship supplier in order for them to recognize that you're responsible that you successfully made the referral. Instead, you can place affiliate links on your existing website which will link to the dropshipping supplier's membership page. When an individual clicks your link and subsequently pays for a membership, the supplier will automatically process a commission fee to your affiliate account.

You should ensure that the dropship affiliate program you choose allows your referrals to return to the dropship supplier membership site at a later time before paying for a subscription. Quality dropship affiliate programs will allow a window of up to 6 months before the recognition of your clicked affiliate link will expire.