Drop Ship Australia

Drop shipping emphasizes the ability to use global resources to deliver products to customers around the world, including in Australia. The reduced competition level in Australian markets has kept the prevalence of drop shipping at a minimum, particularly when compared to the major United States and United Kingdom drop shipping markets. This provides you with an excellent opportunity to establish your own Australian-based drop shipping business.

The success of Australian drop shipping is primarily dependent on establishing a strong connection with a reliable wholesaler. A true wholesaler will usually also be responsible for the design and manufacture of the product you want to purchase. By essentially purchasing directly from the manufacturer, you can obtain large quantities at the lowest possible prices to gain the greatest profit gain. Online manufacture directories are the most accessible sources of contact information. Expect to spend at least a moderate amount of time contacting manufacturers before settling on one that has your desired products and performs drop ship delivery.

Intermediary drop shipping services that purchase wholesale products and attempt to sell them to you can also be used. These services are attractive because they handle the logistics with the manufacturer and provide customer support. Membership fees and surcharges are commonly used by drop shipping sites, but often allow you to post their product listings on your site and accept small quantity orders from your customers. Comparatively, you may need to have an open order for a certain quantity of products from a wholesale manufacturer before they willingly drop ship to your customers.

A drop shipping business from Australia is not limited only to Australian-based consumers. Your business website can target customers from around the world and still receive their orders drop shipped from your affiliated wholesaler or distributor. However, it’s best to obtain clear information on shipping logistics from your wholesaler and commonly used shipping couriers to provide your primary consumers, whether they’re located in Australia, Europe, or the United States, with correct information on shipping costs and delivery time.