Drop Shipping Affiliate Programs

For those who are looking to make even more money and take things to a higher level, there is an opportunity called an affiliate program. You can become an affiliate for various drop shipping companies and promote their services. In exchange, you will get a commission for your efforts. Each time you send someone to the drop ship company and they purchase a membership, you will earn money.

The best drop ship affiliate program is the World Wide Brands Affiliate program. They offer a very lucrative commission of 25%, which comes out to a little over $70 in commissions for each sale. That is not a bad deal for sending people to a product that you would probably send to them even if you where not going to get paid. The best part about it, is that as you probably already know - the membership sells itself. World Wide Brands truly is the best drop shipping company on the web, which makes it an easy sell.

World Wide Brands pretty much does everything for you. They supply you with a plethora of tools, such as videos, banners, graphics, customized text links, eBooks, and much more. All of these tools can be used to help promote World Wide Brands and make you more money. Just think about the potential. If you send them just 2 or 3 sign ups each day, you are already looking at a couple hundred dollars per day. That is better than most people make in a full time job. Add that to your drop shipping business, and you are looking at some serious money. Think about if you sent 10 or 20 people to sign up per day? That would be up to $1500 per day. The sky really is the limit.

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