Wholesale Merchandise

Wholesale merchandise is the core of any successful online retail business. Buying wholesale merchandise allows you to sell it at a premium price in order to make a sizeable profit. The wholesale merchandise industry has proliferated ever since the advent of the Internet, allowing you to purchase practically any merchandise type in large quantities at wholesale prices for the sole purpose of turning around and selling it to as many customers as possible.

Where to Purchase Wholesale Merchandise

You can purchase wholesale merchandise from any of the wholesale merchandise distributors online. In fact, there are so many online wholesale merchandise distributors to choose from, you will be able to compare them against each other to find the best deals on the exact type of merchandise you wish to sell to your customers. Wholesale distributors act as the key middleman between you and the merchandise manufacturer. They purchase merchandise from manufacturers at extremely low prices in order to sell it to you at wholesale prices.

Wholesale distributors have practically every type of merchandise available ready to be purchased by you. Merchandise variety includes:

  • Home and garden: Furniture, decorations, cookware and outdoor accessories
  • Health and beauty: Skin, dental and hair products as well as vitamins, fitness equipment and cosmetics.
  • Electronics: Laptops, computers, phones, MP3 players, televisions, audio equipment and gadgets.
  • Clothing: Children and adult clothing as well as accessories and trendy brand name products.
  • Hardware and office: Power and hand tools as well as office phones, pens and chairs.

Wholesale distributors also include nearly every product that has not been listed, from small key chains to large decorative wall clocks. Most importantly, wholesale distributors act as your one-stop destination for all of your bulk merchandise needs. You may save anywhere from 10% to 40% off the standard merchandise retail price. The savings earned by purchasing wholesale can greatly help improve your profit margins when you sell the merchandise to your customers.

Selling Your Wholesale Merchandise

Purchasing wholesale merchandise is only half of the work required to create a successful online retail business. You must also successfully sell your wholesale merchandise at premium prices in order to generate a profit.

Traditional wholesale distributors will require you to have the bulk merchandise shipped to you and you are responsible for storing and shipping the merchandise to your customers. This can cost a great deal if you do not carefully plan everything out. However, for small low cost merchandise, it is often more cost effective to take care of the storage and shipping yourself.

The alternative to traditional wholesale merchandising is drop shipping your merchandise to customers. Most online wholesale distributors offer a drop shipping service where you simply transfer the customer’s order to the distributor who will ship the merchandise directly to the customer.

Whether you sell your wholesale merchandise in the traditional manner or use the drop shipping method, you will have to either sell the merchandise through your own retail store or website. You can also use an e-commerce storefront. If you do not want to commission someone to build and maintain a retail website for you, consider using the intuitive e-commerce storefronts from Amazon, eBay and Yahoo to reach millions of prospective customers online.