What to Expect from Your Drop Shipping Suppliers

When you first enter the drop shipping world, it can be difficult to determine what to expect from your drop shipping supplier. There are some things that you should always expect to receive as part of your services while some excellent drop shipping suppliers such as World Wide Brands and Doba offer the little extras that make your experience that much more pleasurable. This article explores the four major things that you should expect to receive from any reputable drop shipping supplier.

Timely Shipping

One of the most important aspects of drop shipping is shipping time. If products do not arrive in a timely manner, customers are not happy. If customers are not happy, they will not return to do business with you or refer other potential customers to your website. If a drop shipping supplier does not offer timely shipping, they are not worth your time. As a general rule, your customers usually expect to receive their product within 2 weeks of payment. This is not unreasonable and most drop shipping companies can accommodate such needs.

Some excellent drop shipping companies also have the ability to offer even faster shipping times for additional fees. These times can include overnight, second day and three day delivery. If you find a drop shipping supplier that offers such delivery times, this can be an added bonus. A specific drop shipping supplier that offers similar shipping flexibility is World Wide Brands.


If you cannot rely on your drop shipping supplier to deliver your goods on time and deliver products that are free of defects, you should not trust your drop shipping company with your business. Even more serious is the mistake that poor drop shipping suppliers sometimes make of sending the wrong products. This can cause severe headaches for both you and the customer. Any reputable drop shipping company has a reputation for being reliable and trustworthy in the handling of your customer’s property.

Near Wholesale Prices

Until you are able to sell in enough bulk to justify the purchase of very large lots of products, you will likely not be able to find the wholesale prices that retail stores enjoy. This does not mean that you will not be able to compete with retail stores in any given market. On the contrary, your overhead will be drastically lower on every product that you sell. In this way, you will be more than able to compete with even the largest retail stores (online and offline) while still turning a profit.

You should expect to receive such prices from your drop shipping supplier on most products. However, prices may fluctuate. It will ultimately be up to you to research a product thoroughly before putting it up for sale. If the price given by your drop shipping supplier does not seem to match the research that you have been doing (Ex. It does not seem to sell well enough to justify its price), you may need to sell a different product or brand. Being flexible enough to make these choices can grant you a lot of breathing room when designing and implementing your drop shipping website.

Extra Research Tools

You should always expect to receive the crucial extra research tools typically provided by good drop shipping suppliers. One of the finest examples of good extra research tools are the ones provided by the drop shipping supplier World Wide Brands. The cost of signing up is fully justified by their large amount of extra research tools that you need to compete on the market. You will find more than you need to research each product that you sell with this drop shipping supplier.

In general, you should expect to receive research tools that allow for price tracking, product specifications, sales history and buyer information. Some suppliers also go the extra mile and give demographic reports of certain products to assist you in specializing your sales venue to meet the common buyer of a given product. Drop shipping suppliers that offer such extra research tools are very valuable.

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