Top 5 Drop Ship List

There are many drop shipping companies available in the industry today and sifting through them to find the best ones can sometimes be difficult. While much of the decision as to which drop shipping companies are the top 5 can be attributed to personal taste and preferences, there are 5 companies that easily make this top 5 drop ship list because of their outstanding prices, shipping and extra research tools that make drop shipping almost effortless. This article will select the top 5 drop shipping companies in the industry and provide a little information as to why it was selected.

1. World Wide Brands – World Wide Brands is, without a doubt, the finest drop shipping company in the industry. Although some people are often turned off by the membership fee ($299.00), it turns out that this fee is a very low cost to pay for the options that you receive. In fact, with the extra tools that you receive from World Wide Brands, you have all the tools that a major business would have at their disposal at a mere fraction of the cost. In addition, the membership comes with a solid money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the services that they provide. We are confident that this money back guarantee will not be necessary.

2. Doba – Doba comes in at second place on this list only because their membership fee can get a bit high at $49.95 a month. However, if you are looking to sell your products on eBay, you will find that the price justifies the excellent eBay integration tools offered by Doba. Their pricing is quite good and their product selection is large enough to satisfy almost any drop shipper. One of the finest points of Doba is their excellent customer service provided by both a 24/7 telephone support line and an email support line.

3. Shopster – Coming in at third is the strong drop shipping company, Shopster. Although their membership price is quite high ($349.95 per year), they offer a 7 day free trial for you to see if the product is worth the price. With one of the highest product selections available and a solid reputation for being very reliable with accurate and fast shipping, you will likely be pleased with their services. Shopster is a very good company to use for website development as the prices are usually set specifically to compete with online marketplaces like

3. Salehoo – We could not have a top 5 drop ship list without including the small yet very competitive company called Salehoo. Despite its rather lacking inventory, Salehoo offers a low membership fee of only $67 (lifetime membership) and a personal touch that caters to each member of the drop shipping community. If you are just getting into drop shipping, Salehoo can be the best company for you. Their training programs that are presented in a professional and very educated manner provide the user with all the resources and knowledge that they will need to be successful in drop shipping.

3. Dropshipping Wholesalers – Rounding out our top 5 drop ship list is the company Dropshipping Wholesalers. While you will not get the resources that you would from companies like World Wide Brands and Doba, the price is reflective of this. The membership cost is a very reasonable $47.00 and comes with a money back guarantee. Dropshipping Wholesalers is often considered to be the best company for beginning dropshippers as it keeps everything very simple. However, the customer support is lacking with only an email support line and the company offers a relatively low product selection. Many people have reported finding excellent deals within the product selection, however.

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