Top 10 Reasons to Start a Drop Ship Business

There are many reasons to start a drop ship business online. As well as you handle the business properly and make wise decisions about product selection and pricing, you are almost guaranteed a profit in a very short amount of time without having to pay all of the normal start up costs typically associated with a new business. This article lists the top 10 reasons to start a drop ship business. With these reasons in mind, there is almost no excuse for not jumping into the drop ship market. These are in no particular order.

1. Low Fees – Unlike the costs associated with new businesses, drop ship businesses carry very low fees. If you choose a free drop shipper and list your goods on marketplace websites, you can often turn a profit in just under an hour from the creation of your business. Although paying the minor fees associated with paid drop ship companies is advisable because of the extra features, you may be able to sell your first product at the cost of only a listing cost.

2. Drop Ship Selection – When you do business through a drop ship company, you have access to a much wider selection of products than you would have had if you had just gone into business by yourself. You have access to all the products offered on your company’s website and can sell an assortment of products that often rival many online businesses.

3. No Special Skills – Almost anyone can get into the drop ship business. You do not have to have any education in business or marketing to be successful (although it certainly can help). If you choose to pay a low start up fee for a better drop ship company, you have access to many of the tools that you will need to run your business. Using these research tools will give you all the information that you need to be successful.

4. No Special Tools – All that you need to run your drop ship business is a connection to the internet and a computer. You will be able to perform all of the functions of your business with only these items. In fact, some drop shippers claim to have made a fortune by just visiting the coffee shop with their computer for a couple of hours a day.

5. Research is Simple – Any research that you need to do to become more familiar with your product is very easy to do and often accessible from the website of your drop ship company. Any additional research that you can do about your product is easy to do online or in a local store.

6. Your Efforts Determine Your Reward – At any normal job, you could likely work very hard during your regular work hours and still get paid the same amount as the coworker that spends his shifts playing solitaire on his computer. However, with drop ship businesses, your profits are usually determined on the amount of work that you do. The more you work, the more money you make. As you get better at the business, the value of each hour of your time will gradually begin to increase as well.

7. Pick Your Products – When you invest in a drop ship business, you can choose to only sell the goods with which you are familiar and have interest to almost eliminate product familiarity research. It can be very gratifying to interact with people who share your interests while making money.

8. Work From Home – If you have children or just like to spend time on the couch, owning a drop ship business can be the perfect job for you. You do not need to commute to work or leave the house when the weather is bad outside. People that stay at home to take care of children can still make a living with a drop ship business.

9. Leave the Customer Service to Professionals - If you just quit your day job and never want to have to handle a customer again, starting a drop ship business can be perfect. Any issues that arise during shipping or payment are typically handled by the drop shipping company. As the only issues that are likely to arise with online business customer support are shipping times, payment issues and merchandise quality, you can be assured that each matter will be handled well.

10. You Can Buy Your Own Products! – An often overlooked benefit to starting a drop ship business is access to cheap merchandise that would not be available at that price otherwise. This is a great benefit if you choose to sell products in which you have interest like movies or video games. Without a drop shipping membership, these prices would be almost impossible to find.

Why Start a Drop Ship Business?

These are just ten of the reasons to start a drop ship business. You can be assured that there are a great deal more. The simple fact that you can make as much money as you like and work as often as you want is often enough to convince people to give drop ship businesses a try. With the abundance of free trial offers and money back guarantees with companies such as Doba and World Wide Brands, you can simply give the business a try and discover the many fantastic reasons to start a drop ship business for yourself.

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