Taking Advantage of Drop Ship Services

Whether you decide to begin using drop ship services as a supplement to your existing business or as a stand alone business venture, you will need to take advantage of all the things that your service provides to truly be successful. These things can include research tools, customer service and product selection. While your success will depend on how well you design your drop ship website and advertise your products, the most influential factor in your ability to be successful will depend on your specific drop ship service.

In order to properly take advantage of drop ship services, you must follow some simple rules to make sure that you are getting the most for your time and money. The process is not taxing but is actually simple and often fun when performed correctly. The main problem is that many people are misinformed. With the proper strategies, drop ship services will drastically help your business in more than one way. Follow these simple steps to insure that you are fully taking advantage of drop ship services:

Product Selection

Before even considering a move into the drop shipping industry, you must decide what you would like to sell. Pick products with which you are already familiar and are in high demand. For instance, if you enjoy watching movies, you may be well suited to sell DVDs. When you have become successful with your original product, you may decide to move into a wider selection of products or go in a different direction entirely. Most drop ship services are geared towards a specific market. To take advantage of their services, your product will be a main factor as to your drop ship service choice.

Website Development

If you do not already have a commercial website, many drop ship services offer tools that can assist you in the creation of one. By taking advantage of these services, you can further develop your potential to sell a large volume of goods and increase your profit potential. Although it may be tempting to use online marketplaces such as eBay and Amazon.com to sell your goods, it is very difficult to compete with the already well established market. Because of this, your website (with the assistance of your drop ship service) will be one of the most important aspects of your business.

Understanding the Process

After establishing your website, taking advantage of drop ship services is quite simple. You take orders on your website and pass the order information on to the drop shipper. After they receive payment, you get your profit and they handle the rest. They will ship the item to the address that you give them and handle any shipping issues that arise. In essence, after you have sold the item, your job is done. You will likely prefer to gear your website towards the selling of volume rather than single items.


Until you have fully tested your product’s selling potential and are very familiar with drop ship services, you will likely not be able to buy items in the bulk necessary for true wholesale prices. However, you will receive prices that are often much lower than retail. By then pricing your items a few dollars less than retail prices, you can often be satisfied that your products will sell before retail products do. Keeping your prices low enough to compete with retail and yet high enough to make a decent profit is a key way to take advantage of drop ship services.

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