Setting your Dropship Site up to Sell

There is a lot that goes into building a website. With so much to think about it can be easy to miss some of the most important elements. Once of which, is making sure you are setting your website up to sell. If you are going to build a drop ship site, then you should probably make sure that you are setting it up to sell those products. Not only do you need to make sure you have a functional shopping cart, but you must also be sure that you have good navigation and a great layout.

People that come to your website for specific products must be able to find those products they are looking for. If you have not set your website up the right way with a good search function – then you can forget trying to get a customer base. Why should they shop at your site versus someone else’s dropship site? That is why you have to go above and beyond to make sure your website is done the right way.

Do what Makes Sense – Simple

There is no big secret about this topic. Just keep it simple and do what makes sense. Make sure that your website has good navigation. That just means that it must be very easy for people to find what they are looking for. They should be able to get from one page to another with little to no effort at all. As mentioned above, you should also have a search function so people can search your products and pages.

If you are only offering a small amount of products, it is a good idea to put your best products on the home page of your drop ship site. That way you are putting yourself in the position to sell those products. The home page will be the most visited page on your website. Why not give your products the highest amount of exposure as possible?

There is nothing complicated about this. Just be sure that you are not shorting yourself here. If you do not take the time to make sure the simple things are in place – then you are going to fail. Drop shipping is not easy. If you want to succeed – then do things right.

2 Responses to “Setting your Dropship Site up to Sell”

  1. humberto jaen says:

    how do products photo and information get downloaded to site.
    have not developed a website.
    thank you.

    • Bryan says:

      Generally, the drop ship company you are using will have a software tool that will load product information and photos to your site. Example: – Navigate to the “API Solution” page. The Doba SMB is a tool that allows you to upload products to your website with just a few mouse clicks. There is a button on that page labeled “Watch a Demo”. You can go there to watch an example. Other drop shipping companies should have a similar service. I would just explore the drop shipping company’s site to make sure that they indeed have a tool that allows you to quickly upload product info and photos, and that their tool works with your website.

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