How to Find Free Drop Shipping Companies and Free Dropshippers

Finding free venues for your drop shipping and dropshipper needs can be very tempting, especially with some fees adding up to almost $700. However, you should be warned that, more often than not, you get what you pay for. This is especially true of such a competitive service as drop shipping. There are a few decent free dropshippers but their services almost always have many less valuable features than paid drop shipping companies. These additional features can ultimately contribute to the eventual success or failure of your drop shipping business.

What then, are your options? Well, we recommend that you take advantage of some of the fantastic free trial offers available on websites such as Doba. You may also take advantage of the money back guarantee offered by World Wide Brands. If you simply try these websites, we are confident that you will be fully satisfied with your initial monetary investment. If you really do not want to spend any money on start up costs, you could also try the Chinese electronics drop shipper called China Vasion. While China Vasion is a good drop shipping company, their non-brand name electronics currently saturate the drop shipping market.

What to Look for in a Free Drop Shipping Company

New Drop Shipping Companies are almost constantly emerging on the market. Some of these companies carry start up fees while others are free. If you know what to look for in a free drop shipping company, you may be on the right track to being successful with your drop shipping service.

Fast Shipping

If a dropshipper is free, it is likely that they have rather slow shipping. Overseas companies (like ChinaVasion) simply cannot ship their goods as quickly as other companies (Doba or World Wide Brands) because of their distance from most sellers and their international trading rules. Make sure that your drop shipping company can offer fast service for your customers.

Research Tools

If you do not know your product, you are probably not going to be successful with your drop shipping exploits. Free drop shipping companies do not usually supply their clients with research tools to monitor market statistics and demographical information. For instance, if you modeled your drop shipping website for youth when your main demographic is senior citizens, your website would not be well suited to make much money. With good drop shipping websites, you have the tools to prevent this from happening.

Customer Service

If something goes wrong during ordering or shipping, nothing compares to the confidence instilled by high quality customer service. While this is guaranteed with most paid drop shipping companies, free dropshippers often fall short in the customer service category. Try to find free drop shippers that offer 24 hour/7 day a week telephone support as well as a live chat feature on their website.

Product Selection

If you are looking to break into the video game drop shipping market, using a dropshipper that only offers games for one console would be unwise. Look for free drop shipping companies that not only specialize in one specific area, but do it well. Dropshippers should keep their merchandise up to date and offer a wide variety of any given product.

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