How to Establish Trust With your Drop Ship Source

Almost as important as the development of trust between yourself and your customers is the establishment of trust with your drop ship source. In essence, this works in much the same way as the development of trust in any meaningful relationship. It comes with a combination of time and small steps towards a long lasting and trusting relationship as you become more familiar with your drop ship source. However, this does not have to be an arduous process. It can be a long process with minor gains or a relationship that develops over a very short period of time. This article explains how trust is developed with a drop ship source and how it can be obtained.

Testing the Waters

One of the first considerations on the development of trust with your drop ship source is to get a feel of how they work and how their business functions with a very small order. This can even include ordering a single product for yourself. For example, if you wish to sell DVDs and see a DVD in the product listing that you would like, order it and keep an objective eye on the delivery process.

If everything goes as you would like it to go for your customers (fast delivery, no problems with the product, etc.) you can try putting the product up for sale and see how the company handles slightly larger orders. It would be unwise to place a very large order with your drop ship source before you know that they will be able to deliver as promised. As your business expands with higher profits, you will begin to get larger orders and a natural progression of trust will take place.

Contact Customer Service

Even if there is no immediate problem, try contacting customer service to see how your drop ship source handles calls and concerns. You may try asking questions about the products or particular service aspects to get a feel for how well trained the company’s representatives are and how they address even the simplest of questions and concerns. If they are able to handle such concerns quickly and courteously, it is likely that they will handle bigger concerns such as shipping delays and product problems in the same manner.

Over time, you can even begin a log of such conversations to get a feel for how the entire company handles service issues. Over a period of time, these calls can add up to a much more trusting relationship with your drop ship source. When your order sizes begin to increase, your drop ship source may even be more familiar with you as long as you remain friendly and courteous while on the phone. Knowing some names ahead of time can make customer service go much more smoothly and build trust with your drop ship source.

Give It Some Time

Trusting relationships often develop over a long period of time. By building your relationship with your drop ship source slowly and cautiously, you can build a very trusting relationship in a reasonable amount of time. One of the key components to successful business operation is the ability to trust your provider and set up a system for them becoming familiar with you and trust in your instincts. Never sacrifice such a long relationship of trust for lower prices or larger product selection. Doing so can ruin a well earned and very valuable establishment of trust with your drop ship source.

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