Developing a Closer Relationship with Your Drop Ship Distributor

After you have developed a trusting and reliable relationship with your drop ship distributor, you may feel the need to develop a closer relationship with them. This is a very good idea as such a relationship can result in special pricing leniency’s and the extra benefits associated with a closer business relationship.

When you first begin doing business with a drop ship distributor, you will likely just be another client on the roster. However, as your progress, you will find more opportunities to obtain a closer relationship with your distributor. This article explores the ways in which you can nurture your business relationship with your drop ship distributor.

Be Professional

This can seem rather obvious. However, the tendency of many people is to get very angry when a problem occurs and lash out at customer service in order to get the problem solved. However, establishing a reputation of being very courteous and friendly (even in the most dire of circumstances) can quickly bring you to the front of your peers.

You should not expect to be immediately rewarded for your efforts, but over the long run, you will become well respected and well liked by both management and customer service. You may even find that your issues get resolved faster as your relationship progresses.

Support Your Peers

If your drop ship distributor provides a forum, become active on it and support your peers in their work. This may seem like a poor idea to some very competitive drop shippers. However, you may soon find that it is quite to the contrary. Not only will your peers be likely to share information when they get it as a result of you helping them when they needed it, your drop ship distributor will make more money from that client if your information is correct.

If your drop ship distributor is successful, they will likely add even more products to sell and more resources. They will also be likely to notice the clients that have been helpful to their peers and influential in the growth of their business via the forums. If this is the case, you will almost certainly be in a much closer relationship with your drop ship distributor than before.

Use the Resources Provided by Your Drop Ship Distributor

By taking advantage of every tool that your drop ship distributor has to offer, you will set yourself up for greater success and profit potential. The more successful you are, the more likely your drop ship distributor is to notice your efforts. This may result in them affording you special prices and products as they will be more confident that you can sell them than their other clients. These lower prices and additional products can push your profits to even higher potential than before.

Closing the Relationship Gap

When you first begin drop shipping, it is natural to only be concerned with how your business will run and how much money you can make. However, many big businesses grew so big through professional cooperation and the development of close business relationships. These businesses formed as a result of business people combining their efforts (Ex. A DVD drop shipper setting up a website with a music drop shipper).

By developing close business relationships with both your drop ship distributor and your peers under the same company, you can set yourself up for a long a very profitable drop shipping career.

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