Best Drop Ship Products to Sell Online

Although you likely chose this article to make your selection of products to earn a fortune in profits, the sad fact is that there are no “best” drop ship product or products to sell online. If there are, thousands of people have discovered this fact and already beat you to the punch. However, you do not need to be discouraged by this fact. If you had found the miracle product, you would be wise to keep it a secret as well. The true best drop ship products to sell online are always found through niche markets and intense research. After that, you may need a little luck.

In fact, because of market fluctuations, the same product that sells very well one week may sell quite poorly during the next. For this reason, developing a 10 Best Drop Ship Products list is nearly impossible if not dishonest on the part of the contributor. If you absolutely must have a list of the best products to sell online, that list is provided here. However, it is no indication that these products will sell well for you, only that they have been shown to be fairly well selling and profitable in the past.

Niche Market Items

These products require a great deal of research but can often yield big rewards. The prime consideration is the fact that a low amount of sellers does not necessarily suggest a low amount of buyers. In fact, you may be able to gauge the existence of a niche market with simple test marketing on standard online marketplaces. If products sell well on these markets, they will likely sell well on your website. If they do not sell well, try something else. With drop shipping, there is no penalty for this sort of testing. Niche market items are usually very specific. For example, one niche market item could be Children’s Folk Clarinet Sheet Music.


Collectibles such as memorabilia and coins or stamps often sell very well and allow for stark fluctuations that may increase profit potential before your drop shipping company has a chance to catch up. The best time to sell collectibles is when a current trend is triggered by another venue.

Movie Merchandise

Movies can often make a large amount of money from merchandise, even enough to very adequately supplement the actual ticket profits. With drop shipping, you can attempt to get a cut of these profits. For example, the release of a new children’s movie sequel about penguins would be an excellent time to stock merchandise from the current movie and the previous one.

Safety Products

Especially in the United States, we live in a culture of fear. Every day there is bad news on the television and in the newspaper and news channels often make it a habit of secretly endorsing unnecessary safety merchandise. However unfortunate it may be, safety products (such as jewelry case alarms and intruder detectors) typically sell very well. You may be able to take advantage of this market as it is unlikely to change in the near future. However, this particular market is quite competitive and may depend on bulk sales. Your website could advertise the need for an alarm on every door and timed alarms on every drawer that are set to go off only during certain hours of the night to fuel bulk sales.

Finding YOUR Best Products

In a free market economy, almost anyone can sell anything with the right approach and marketing. Your job is to find the products that you are the most comfortable selling and as many of them as you can. By doing simple test marketing at the beginning of every month or week, you can determine which goods tend to sell during that time period. By being open and able to change with the market, you can maintain consistent and regular sales with any product.

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